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Yesterday at 9:25am

Yesterday, Class Mexico enjoyed discovering about the different games through the ages (Victorian, Tudor and 1950’s). Which game was your favourite (out of all 3 periods) and why? Which period would you have liked to have lived in?

Please have a look at the photographs of our class playing Victorian games.




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Comment 1 Comment by Olivia B on 31 Mar 12 at 6:13pm | Quote this comment
These Victorian activities are really fun !
Comment 2 Comment by Rufus W on 01 Apr 12 at 7:35am | Quote this comment
I loved the Victorian games. I wIsh we could do it again. :-)
Comment 3 Comment by Brendan K on 02 Apr 12 at 6:52pm | Quote this comment
It was a great day I liked the 1950s because they had brillant games
I really liked the one in the adventure playground.
Comment 4 Comment by Abigail H on 09 Apr 12 at 11:31am | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed the day, i wish we could have dont all over again . :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Jessica R on 15 Apr 12 at 12:49pm | Quote this comment
I found out that they could play on the streets I wish we still could. :o

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We observed Remembrance in school worship yesterday, following on from Class Taibei's brilliant, thought provoking worship last Friday.

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