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11/11/2019 at 2:07pm

We have been thinking about our learning since our new school year started and thinking about how we have been good learners. We have also been thinking about being READY, RESOURCEFUL, REFLECTIVE, RESILIENT and RESPONSIBLE learners.

For your homework, I would like you to describe something that you have learned so far this year and explain why you have been a good learner (using one of the 5 Rs) and post it as a comment on this blog! Please try to choose something different to say from anyone else!

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Rowen M on 12 Oct 12 at 1:39pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt more about recounts and I have been a responsible learner because I helped other people on my table.
Comment 2 Comment by Katie T on 12 Oct 12 at 1:39pm | Quote this comment
I learnt how to: do the beam in P.E!It was really hard but I did it! ;-)
Comment 3 Comment by Hattie B on 12 Oct 12 at 1:40pm | Quote this comment
I learnt how to multiply big numbers . I found it really tricky but I didn't give up so I was RESILIENT.
Comment 4 Comment by Alice H on 12 Oct 12 at 4:26pm | Quote this comment
We had to wite a recount about an imaginary person called Sir Alfie Waterlake. Then we had to write about what he discovered which was a "cuffal", which is a type of animal.
I love writing and was ready to think of his name and his discovery.
This is called information text and recount
Comment 5 Comment by Mrs Morgan on 13 Oct 12 at 9:08pm | Quote this comment
Quoting Katie T:
I learnt how to: do the beam in P.E!It was really hard but I did it! ;-)

Well done Katy - it showed you were a RESILIENT learner!
Comment 6 Comment by Eliza on 14 Oct 12 at 7:44am | Quote this comment
In maths I learnt how to do expanded decompisition .I think I have been very resilient.I found maths hard but because I was resilient I didnt give up. :-)
Comment 7 Comment by Katie T on 15 Oct 12 at 1:26pm | Quote this comment
I learnt that you have to belive in your self to become a GREAT learner! ;-)
Comment 8 Comment by Will M on 16 Oct 12 at 3:02pm | Quote this comment
I think that I have been a Reflective learner because today in maths I looked back at my sum and did it again because I thought that it was wrong.
Comment 9 Comment by Luke A on 19 Oct 12 at 6:07am | Quote this comment
I have learned how to do a recount in literacy and I have been reflective because once , when we were doing information texts I did a recount by mistake and I started again.
Comment 10 Comment by Joanna Y on 19 Oct 12 at 3:30pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt how to write a recount also getting capital letters and full stops in my writing . I think I :-) have been a RESPONSIBLE lerner because I have been checking through my work.
Comment 11 Comment by Olivia M on 20 Oct 12 at 3:09pm | Quote this comment
In maths I tried to do column subtraction . Which means I was RESILIENT ! And then I helped my friends . Which means I was RESPONSIBLE ! For the words column and subtraction I used a dictionary . Which means I was RESOURCEFUL ! I have three of the five R's

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