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...Friday 23rd Nov at 2pm is an Open Afternoon for Reception 2019 prospective parents. Join us!

Tuesday at 9:25am

The answer many things! I have lots of photos to share but I need some writing to go with them to explain the events in more detail so everyone will know what we have been doing! Have a look through the blogs I have just posted to remind you of some of the activities and learning that we have been enjoying in Class USA this term and decide which one you would like to write about. This is your chance to write your own blog about it and I will try to supply a suitable photo to go with your writing if your blog gets posted. Remember, it's a recount...

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Comment 1 Comment by Susie M on 02 May 12 at 4:25pm | Quote this comment
Well done Orlagh your dragster look's good .

Susie m

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from Mr Ryan

We observed Remembrance in school worship yesterday, following on from Class Taibei's brilliant, thought provoking worship last Friday.

Tuesday at 9:22am