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Friday at 12:21pm

Today, as part of our learning about 'food' this term we went to visit the local cafe, McQuiggs.

We got to look around the kitchen and meet the chef.  We also asked him lots of different questions about the type of food that he cooks in his kitchen.

Then we met the manager of the cafe who also answered our interesting questions.

Thank you to Mrs Tamsett and Mrs Godwin who helped us walk down to the cafe and a special thank you to McQuiggs cafe!

Our cafe visit! on PhotoPeach

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Comment 1 Comment by Mary L on 03 Nov 11 at 8:15pm | Quote this comment
I liked going to McQuiggs and I hope we can go again. :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Clements on 04 Nov 11 at 1:07pm | Quote this comment
From your photographs it looks like you enjoyed your visit. What was the most interesting thing you found out?

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