What Makes Us Unique?

essentials2Here, you'll find:

  • Our Vision & Values

  • Our Ethos & Christian Character

  • Our School Improvement Priorities

So, 'What Makes Us Unique?' Good question. Actually, we think there's a whole bunch of things that makes Blue Coat different! Like our Vision which is firmly focused on our children's futures... or our outlook on how we best deliver it from all angles of the school curriculum.

Vision & Values

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The Blue Coat school vision wasn’t dreamt up in a Monday evening planning meeting. It was honed out of a marathon, year-long process involving our pupils, school staff, governors, parents and wider stakeholder community. We looked at a variety of opportunities, requirements, issues and challenges that are likely to be faced by our children in the future and then asked:

  1. What will our children need to learn now to prepare them to thrive in this future?

  2. Which Christian Values will be needed the most to deliver that Vision?

A number of common themes emerged and these were captured in a Prezi presentation...

Then, of course, we needed to share that Vision succinctly. We called upon Paperhorse, school vision and creative branding consultants to help us simplify what we'd found, and communicate it. We weren't keen on some kind of catch-all catchphrase or a waffley ten-pointer for a vision statement. We wanted our whole school family and especially our Platinum Customers - the children - to understand it, relate to it and act on it. 

Cue the BLOTS.

The Blue Coat L.O.T.S. are the blobby characters on our front page that represent the four elements of our Vision at Blue Coat. From the top:

  • Learning about Learning
  • Learning about Ourselves & others
  • Learning with Technology
  • Learning with Spirituality

We decided that the core set of Christian values that would support this vision are:

     ~ Happiness ~ Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Creativity ~



BC 53 of 122The ethos, or spirit of a school community, is hard to put in words. That doesn't stop us from trying. We have a governor committee who make it their job to ensure that we walk the walk whilst giving the talk. Our best and most recent attempt at describing this is:

"Blue Coat School pupils, parents, staff, governors, and the wider community have chosen the Christian values of Creativity, ResponsibilityRespect, and Happiness to inform all aspects of our school life. The values are lived through our approach to teaching and learning, but more importantly, through the action of our community. These values are a key part of Blue Coat's identity. They provide us with challenge and a solid foundation from which we aim to grow as individuals. We strive to be distinctive as a Christian school.

Our children tell us that Blue Coat is like 'one big harmonious family'. Being part of Blue Coat makes them feel safe, confident to be themselves, able to collaborate and encouraged to be the best they can be. They are proud to be part of something this good. They are proud of Blue Coat's heritage and its relationship with St Mary's Church. We are all inspired to make Blue Coat even better."

School Improvement Priorities (2018-19)

A rolling stone gathers no moss... and that's us. Rolling towards improving the things that make a difference to our children's education. This year we are building upon the improvements made in 2017/18 so as to:

1. “Improve the Maths achievement of identified vulnerable learners through an explicit focus on improving their thinking processes when problem solving (leading to greater pupil ownership of learning).”

2. “Continue to implement curriculum area improvement plans, with a particular focus on improving the quality of subject Assessment and tracking.”

3.  “Secure the school’s future sustainability through a review of current financial expenditure and potential income opportunities (ongoing).”

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Head's Tweet

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PLAYWORK AWARD WINNERS 2019! Blue Coat play continues to gain national recognition for excellence. Well done, everyone!

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