Meet The Team


Senior Leadership Team

  • Mr Ryan - Headteacher
    As a leader at Blue Coat for the past 10 years (mainly as Headteacher), and previous leadership exoperience before that, Mr Ryan is clearly passionate about seeing Blue Coat's vision reach fruition. 
    He has previously worked in schools in Swindon and Wiltshire, teaching in Key Stage 2 and leading core subjects of English, Maths and Science (he has a strange degree with the word 'Physics' in!)
    When not in school, he can be found with a microfibre cloth and wheel brush in hand due to an unhealthy obsession with 'detailing' (cars)... and growing alien-like plants that you'd find in a Madagascar field trip! 
  • Mr Knill - Deputy Headteacher & SENDCo
    With 15 years' experience under his belt, Mr Knill had 4 years as SENDCo in his previous setting. He has also led Science, Maths and PE in schools, teaching across the Key Stage 2 age group. 
    Mr Knill's claim to fame is being photographed as a child by a national newspaper aloft a thatched roof  when 'Health & Safety' didn't have the same priority! Nowadays, he can be credited with knowing the difference between his 'white pad' and his 'orange pad' as a keen detailer of cars.
  • Mrs Nelson - Assistant Headteacher EYFS & KS1
    With more experience teaching in both Early Years and Key Stage 1 than she's willing to admit, Mrs Nelson brings plenty of expertise to her role as a Senior Leader in school. She is also a member of the Communications Team, where she has spearheaded the teaching of French at Blue Coat.
    Mrs Nelson has a love for the Arts and this shows in her interests outside of school - music, books, art. However, the same love does not transfer to birds, so a visit to Slimbridge Wetlands may best be avoided! A second member of the team who has 'Ornithophobia'.
  • Mr Brooks - Assistant Headteacher KS2
    Mr Brooks wears many Blue Coat hats: Assistant Headteacher, Maths Leader, Forest School Leader... perhaps the burden of 29 years teaching(?) 18 of those have been notched up at Blue Coat. He has vast experience teaching throughout all Key Stage 2 year groups and a range of Maths sets too (an Engineering background comes in handy!)
    When he removes all of his school hats, he happily replaces them with outdoors ones when taking to the lakes, mountains or cliff faces in his spare time.
  • Mrs Robinson - School Business Manager
    Having previously worked for 19 years as a management accountant at one of the UK's leading banks, Mrs Robinson brings a wealth of skills and experience to her first school role. This did involve supporting children and adults in developing money management skills (as well as a stint as PTA Chair), so the teaching environment isn't alien to her.
    Outside of her day job, Mrs Robinson is busy taxi-ing her children between engagements whilst they represent the nation at sport and perform in the West End! IF there's a spare moment between shuttle runs then you can find her tackling the outdoors... or maybe even watching the Tennis.

Teaching Team


Class Discovery (Reception/EYFS)

  • Miss Fisher - Class Teacher
    Since starting her career at the school, Miss Fisher has accrued 3 years of Key Stage 1 experience and 4 years in Reception. With half an eye on leadership, she is also a governor of the school and a middle leader within our STEM team.
    Miss Fisher is rather intrepid. When she's not burning leeches off her legs in Sri Lankan tea fields, she can be found up close and personal with orangutangs in the Bornean jungle. Both would make teaching Reception look slightly less daunting!

  • Mrs Goodship - Class Teacher
    Mrs Goodship has Key Stage 1 experience across 3 previous schools and has taught both Year 1 and Reception whilst at Blue Coat. She is the school's Leader for Writing. 
    In keeping with the 'really wild' theme going on between Reception teachers, Mrs Goodship has a lodger called Norbert. His diet differs slightly in that he eats live locusts with his Sunday vegetables. Did we mention he's a bearded dragon?

Class Livingstone (Year 1)

  • Mrs Moir - Class Teacher
    As an experienced teacher of Year 1 and Reception (over 15 years), Mrs Moir also contributes significantly to the school's Arts offer through Choir, Orchestra and all things musical at Blue Coat.
    Few people know that Mrs Moir has a distinct phobia of beaks, feathers and all things bird-like. Even fewer people know that she was an original BMX bandit as a child, capable of more than the odd stunt or trick...

  • Mrs Wallace - Class Teacher
    Originally trained in Hackney, Mrs Wallace has taught all year groups in her career across a range of destinations, including Dubai. She has also led in areas of Play and Art before arriving at Blue Coat several years ago.
    Mrs Wallace is the pea-hating twin from her family, but that has not prevented her from learning all the actions to 'Agadoo' (winning a competition in the process), nor does it detract from her love of Country music.


Class Kingsley (Year 1&2)

  • Mrs Nelson (see Senior Leaders)

  • Miss Price  - Class Teacher
    Since joining the school as a newly qualified teacher, Miss Price has taught within Key Stage 1 year groups. She is also a leader within the school's Expressive Arts team.
    As a qualified dance teacher, Miss Price has led our pupils to success at various dance festivals, even managing to bag top prize in the competitive Cheltenham festival a few years ago. Just don't mention 'Disney' to her if you're in a rush...


Class Hannu (Year 2)

  • Mrs Dougal (Maternity Leave) - Class Teacher

  • Mr Jones - Class Teacher
    Another teacher with experience from across the entire primary age range, Mr Jones is delighted to now be teaching Year 2. As a former school leader, he has an unwaivering passion for learning and empowering the children he teaches to 'do for self'.
    Mr Jones still keeps in touch with his degree subject of Philosophy, but can get distracted by his collection of guitars whilst trying to imitate the rather obscure music he finds himself listening to in the car!


Class Drake (Year 3)

  • Miss Dobie - Class Teacher
    Since starting at Blue Coat as a Newly Qualified Teacher, Miss Dobie has taught within Milepost 2. She is also a leader within the school's Play & PE team.
    Outside of school, she may well be heard muttering strange words: 'Expecto Patronum', 'Expelliarmus' or the like. That would be due to Miss Dobie's lifetime devotion to Harry Potter. [Let's hope she doesn't use the same spell commands on the Army Cadet troops she leads in her spare time!]


Class Darwin (Year 3&4)

  • Mrs Matej - Class Teacher
    Assistant SENDCo, Humanities Team Middle Leader... are further roles that Mrs Matej fulfills at Blue Coat. She has 9 years of teaching experience across Key Stage 2 classes in several schools.
    Mrs Matej's claim to fame is that she has connections to the founder of the Summerhill School.

  • Mr Brooks (see Senior Leaders)


Class Cousteau (Year 4)

  • Miss Cole - Class Teacher
    As a relatively recent member of the team, Miss Cole has adapted quickly to teach Year 4 and Higher Maths. She also has previous experience in Reception, Year 1 and Year 5. 
    Miss Cole has ignored all wise counsel and now works with both children and animals. In her spare time, she is retraining a former race horse for Event. However, she draws the line at sharks... and don't even mention the dark.


Class Vasco (Year 5)

  • Mrs Arnold - Class Teacher
    As one half of Class Vasco, Mrs Arnold also leads from within our Play & PE team in school. She has teaching experience across Year 2 to Year 6, and has been at Blue Coat for a large part of her career to date.
    When not teaching Year 5, Mrs Arnold is putting in the miles through her love of running. Her triathlon days may now be a memory of yesteryear... so she has decided to take it easy and sign up for the 2020 3 Peaks Challenge instead - yikes!

  • Mrs Holloway - Class Teacher
    Having taught Blue Coat classes for a number of years as a cover teacher, Mrs Holloway is now a resident Milepost 3 teacher at Blue Coat and a middle leader from within the STEM team.
    Mrs Holloway loves all things nature and takes a keen interest in Science - one of her subject specialisms. Whenever she gets the chance to be nocturnal you may well find her feet moving to the beat as she can't resist an empty spot on the dancefloor.


Class Tabei (Year 5&6)

  • Mrs Hunt - Class Teacher
    Mrs Hunt could've easily been 'PC Hunt'...but the Police's lost is Blue Coat's gain. With 11 years' experience across both Key Stages in the school, she is also a middle leader from within our Humanities Team. Mrs Hunt enjoys the challenge of preparing Milepost 3 children for their next stage of education. 
    Outside of school, she has discovered the joys of paddle boarding. However, don't challenge her at the sport as she can be rather competitive, apparently!


Class Cook (Year 6)

  • Mrs Galvin - Class Teacher
    Yorkshire born-and-bred Mrs Galvin is another one of our experienced teachers with relevant experience across numerous schools and throughout Key Stage 2 classes. She co-leads Music from within our Expressive Arts team and has put in hard yards challenging some of our highest attaining mathematicians in Milepost 3.
    Outside of school, Mrs Galvin keeps herself very busy with family and work within the local rugby club.
  • Mr Knill (see Senior Leaders)

Support Team

  • Mrs Murray - School Play Co-ordinator
    Mrs Murray works for the school and as an OPAL mentor, training other like-minded schools in the joys of great play. She previously worked for 14 years in the Learning Team of a popular Science Museum, reaching a Director level.
    Perhaps it's her education background in Zoology and Ecology that accounts for Mrs Murray's love of weird pets? 'Fluffy' the scorpion, 'Blossom' the Flower Mantis... none of these sound as impressive as 'Inspiring Educator 2016' - a title Mrs Murray has worked hard to earn.

  • Mrs Blaken - PPA Cover Teacher
    With previous relevant experience teaching and leading subjects such as Music and SEND, Mrs Blaken has enjoyed many years at Blue Coat (as teacher and pupil!), currently working as RE Leader. She brings so much energy and commitment to IGNITE club, class lessons in Key Stage 2, and her recent role of RE Hub Leader - a position recognising her best practice in the subject.
    Mrs Blaken loves St Ives, walking Molly the Dog, and reaching those high notes in the choir she's a member of. However, her association with height safely ends there as she has a fear of looking down from high places!

  • Mrs Baskerville - PPA Cover Teacher
    Mrs Baskerville has a weath of experience, both as a teacher and formerly as a deputy headteacher of an infant school. She teaches within the earlier year groups of our school, but enjoys contributing more widely to the ever-popular IGNITE club.
    Mrs Baskerville loves sunflowers and has a disposition to match - bright, sunny, positive and always ready for summer months!