essentials2Here, you'll find:

  • Our Vision & Values

  • Our Ethos & Christian Character

  • Our School Improvement Priorities

So, 'What Makes Us Unique?' Good question. Actually, we think there's a whole bunch of things that makes Blue Coat different! Like our Vision which is firmly focused on our children's futures... or our outlook on how we best deliver it from all angles of the school curriculum.

essentials1Here, you'll find the following information:

  • Performance Data

  • Pupil Premium Spend Breakdown

  • Special Education Needs (SEND)

  • Sports Premium Funding & Impact

  • Key Policies

  • Reports

If you're an Ofsted inspector ('The warmest of welcomes to you!') or if you're just someone who likes to get either the bigger picture or finer detail of how the school is performing then this will be your 'go-to' page. Here, we aim to tell you more about how we operate and how we compare to the standards set for primary schools.

paintHere, you'll find information related to:

  • Teaching & Learning

  • Our Curriculum Approach

  • The School Curriculum

"What's all this funny business with children using highlighter pens in each other's books? Do they even care about spelling any more these days? Children teaching - why bother paying the staff then?"

These could be just a small selection of questions racing through your head as you ponder what life is like at Blue Coat from the angle of education...


Here, you will find must-know info for Parents such as::

  • The Basics:

    • School structure: Classes & Staff
    • School day
    • Clubs
    • Trips & visits
    • Travel
    • Attendance
    • Assessment & Reporting
    • Communication
    • Uniform
    • Forest School
  • Home Learning

  • FAQs (popular parent submissions)

So you've taken the plunge and entrusted your most treasured possession with us. Congratulations - welcome to the family! However, there's 'stuff' you need to know. We'll try our best to answer some of those burning, more practical questions here... 

Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

PLAYWORK AWARD WINNERS 2019! Blue Coat play continues to gain national recognition for excellence. Well done, everyone!

08 Mar 19 at 9:59am