essentials2Blue Coat CEVA Primary school is working hard to fulfill an important promise to all of its pupils. Our promise is our vision, which is to try to secure your child’s ‘Future Readiness’.

So, how does this vision shape Blue Coat to be a special place for children to thrive?

Thinking and Learning

We understand that the future will be a place for thinkers, still giving humans the (shrinking) advantage over machines. Because of this, we have become a ‘thinking school’ where we teach children to be independent thinkers who own their learning (resulting  in personal empowerment). This can only happen with skilled and careful nurturing...

Blue Coat’s teaching staff hold unique expertise in getting children to think deeply in a range of situations: from classroom learning through to play at break times. At the same time, they are skilled in catering to individuals' needs, adapting what they do so as to enable pupils to succeed. As a result, our pupils generally make rapid progress, leaving the school at academic levels significantly above peers, both locally and nationally. More importantly, our children leave with a thinking edge that ensures they’re motivated, equipped and ready to take on lifelong learning.

Values for Life

We work tirelessly to ensure each child feels part of a special community of people who care for others. At its centre is an inclusive ethos where every child is encouraged to outwardly show Christian values of RespectResponsibility,Creativity and Happiness. These values set firm foundations for life and filter into everything we do, guiding how our school family gets along. Blue Coat pupils are happy, confident, compassionate young people with a strong moral compass, and this is frequently brought to our attention by those whom they impress.

Play and the Outdoors

Almost 1.5 years of a child’s primary school experience is spent playing at break times and lunch times. We recognise, therefore, that investment in this time is just as important as time invested in the classroom. 

The school has a multi-award winning approach to outdoor play that enables all children to thrive and find personal happiness. We use play times as an opportunity to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us. It is an essential part of each and every child's learning and personal development.

Our school is set on an expanse of rural land within a Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This means that pupils have huge amounts of space, equipment and nature to explore, with each day bringing new adventures and the potential for new friendships across the age range of our school. They are supervised by a Play Team of experts who support the children in making decisions that keep them safe, whilst teaching them to become future ready in their friendships, physical development and more.

The school has been leading Forest School practice for over 10 years, enhancing the school curriculum whilst developing children's spirituality, curiosity, wellbeing and love of nature.

A Curriculum for the Future

We have a unique, tailor-made curriculum that is aimed at delivering Future Readiness for our pupils. We go beyond the limits set by the statutory National Curriculum to offer an exciting and evolving curriculum which delivers attributes such as curiosity, resilience, enterprising behaviour, environmental awareness and more. 

Our teaching staff are highly trained in Physical Education and ensure that pupils gain valuable sporting experience both in school and out. Our children compete and succeed at district and county levels regularly – they’ve even managed to achieve at a national level! From Judo, Fencing and Yoga through to Cross-Country and traditional Invasion Games, the children have a wide range of sports that often stoke an enthusiasm to take on after-school clubs - of which, Blue Coat offers the widest selection for miles around.

The school also places high value on The Arts. The ability to learn a wide range of instruments and join the school orchestra and choir encourages many of our pupils to perform, grade and enjoy music at a level suitable for them. Art and Dance is also enjoyed and there isn’t a term that passes where the children don’t experience some form of drama and public performance.

There's more to our school than can be summarised in one page! Please contact us for a personal tour and find out whether Blue Coat could help your child in becoming Future Ready

essentials1We love our school and think that Blue Coat is a special place. However, we are clearly biased! Don't take our word for it: here's what others think:


"As always my visit to Blue Coat was inspiring: so many varied and valuable experiences are on offer for the children and indeed for the whole community too, with chance for everyone, both young and older, to benefit in so many ways."

~ Bishop's Visitor, Mrs Beverly Butler, 2019

"The school's dedication to ensuring every child has outstanding play opportunities, every day, with no exceptions has become a reality. In my 18 years of working with schools I have never come across anything as good or comprehensively integrated into every aspect of school life."

~UK Leading Play Expert & OPAL Director, Michael Follett, 2018

'The focus on outdoor play and learning enriches the lives of pupils, allowing them to develop life-enhancing skills which are integral to ‘Future Readiness’.'

'The joyful enthusiasm to play in the beach space, or to write ribbon prayers for a tree in the quiet area, demonstrates the impact of such a creative site. Above all, Blue Coat is an enabling environment for all ages and interests. The use of the playground and field is inspirational.'

~SIAMS Inspector, Mrs Allyson Taylor, 2019

"Very much recommend it. This is an outstanding school! The staff/support staff and ethos of learning and outdoor play is exceptional. The boys love it and we hugely appreciate the positive community."

"It is a fabulous school with a kind, caring atmosphere. I would recommend this school to other parents."

"We're always singing Blue Coat's praises and using it's ethos as an example to others!"

~Blue Coat Parents, Survey 2018

See latest survey outcomes

See survey outcomes 3-year trend


paintWe believe that an ambitious vision should always show encouragement of actually being achieved. Here are some of the signs that show the school vision is working.

Pupil Academic Achievements

The following document link shows how Blue Coat pupils perform over time compared to those in other schools nationally by looking at their Year 6 Statutory Assessment Test (SAT) results.

Blue Coat pupils have performed significantly above their national peers over recent years when meeting the Expected Standards in English and Maths. The improving trend has meant that Blue Coat frequently occupies the Top 10-20 of schools in the Schools’ Performance Table for Gloucestershire.


Blue Coat is currently recognised as an OfSTED 'Outstanding' provider of educationThe school received its last full inspection in 2009 and then received a short survey inspection in 2010.

Since this time, the school has been subject to regular risk assessment by OfSTED, as well as Local Authority monitoring visits.

Despite significant changes to OfSTED inspections since 2009, the school has rapidly improved due to the team commitment to our 'Future Ready' vision. 

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Blue Coat School adopts a ‘whole school approach’ to special educational needs with all staff well versed in good practice. The school's leadership and teaching teams work relentlessly to achieve excellent outcomes for all of our pupils with SEND, aiming to prepare them for life as well as their next stage of education.

As a result, Blue Coat has become increasingly recognised as a school specialising in SEND support, with large numbers of staff whom have significant experience and expertise in teaching SEND pupils more effectively. They are led by experienced SEND Leadership (who, unlike most schools, spend 3 days of each week explicitly focussed on this area).

Integration and inclusion of all children with special educational needs, in all aspects of school life, is at the very heart of our school's SEND policy. On some occasions, individuals and/or small groups may also experience targeted support outside of the classroom environment where this is deemed to be beneficial. We pride ourselves in working closely with parents of SEND children to build positive and productive working relationships centred on the best interests of the child.

Over time, our SEND pupils make at least good progress from both their starting points and compared to their SEND peers nationally.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr Knill -  our SEND Co-ordinator.

Disadvantaged Pupils (Pupil Premium)

The school has a relatively small population of disadvantaged pupils making it hard to draw meaningful trends over time. However, we believe that we can (and do) narrow the gap between this group and their peers by ensuring that we identify and teach to their potential.

Over recent years, the school has primarily invested in raising standards of teaching to achieve this. However, more basic than this, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs tell us that first we need to ensure children's basic needs are met so they are able to learn and thrive. This has meant that we regularly target indivduals with a range of more personalised approaches such as: professional counselling/therapy, tuition, emotion coaching, investment in safe spaces etc.

More detail can be found within our Pupil Premium Strategy here.

Sporting Achievement (Sport Premium)

Our pupils take part in a wide range of sports that continues to broaden and diversify. The use of Sport Premium funding to support this has meant that more children than ever before are taking part in regular physical activity.

Beyond the school day and the ever-growing number of after-school clubs, many pupils take the opportunity to represent the school in competitive sport. Blue Coat is a regular top competitor at both district and county level, and even occasionally national(!), for a range of team sports.

With continued future investment (as set out in our Sport Premium strategy) we hope to enrich children's experiences and competencies in both sport and play.


We pride ourselves on being an OPAL school for Play. Moreover, since 2017 the school has achieved the very highest standard by becoming an OPAL certified Platinum Play school, positioning it as one of the very best schools in the UK for its quality of play provision. It is visited regularly as a place of interest for schools nationally and internationally who are seriously looking at enhancing play for their pupils.

In addition, the school's children, staff and its Play Co-ordinator (Mrs Murray) have been humbled to receive national awards related to play. 


Blue Coat is a proud Church (of England) school. This means that we hold a Christian vision and belief in Future Readiness being every child living life in all its fullness (John 10:10), whilst ensuring that they enable others to do the same (Matthew 22: 37-39). 

The effectiveness with which the school lives out the vision is evaluated in the inspection process of SIAMS. The school has always shown either 'Good' (2019) or 'Outstanding' (2014) qualities, despite increasingly challenging frameworks for inspection. In between the inspections, the school receives annual visits from the Bishop's Visitor to keep abreast of how the school's Christian character is developing. Her latest visit can be found here.



Senior Leaders

  • Mr Ryan - Headteacher
    As a leader at Blue Coat for the past 10 years (mainly as Head), Mr Ryan is clearly passionate about seeing Blue Coat's vision reach fruition. 
    He has previously worked in schools in Swindon and Wiltshire, teaching in Key Stage 2 and leading core subjects of English, Maths and Science (he has a strange degree with the word 'Physics' in!)
    When not in school, he can be found with a microfibre cloth and wheel brush in hand due to an unhealthy obsession with 'detailing' (cars)... and growing alien-like plants that you'd find in a Madagascar field trip! 
  • Mr Knill - Deputy Headteacher & SENDCo
    With 15 years' experience under his belt, Mr Knill had 4 years as SENDCo in his previous setting. He has also led Science, Maths and PE in schools, teaching across the Key Stage 2 age group. 
    Mr Knill's claim to fame is being photographed as a child by a national newspaper aloft a thatched roof  when 'Health & Safety' didn't have the same priority! Nowadays, he can be credited with knowing the difference between his 'white pad' and his 'orange pad' as a keen detailer of cars.
  • Mrs Nelson - Assistant Headteacher EYFS & KS1
  • Mr Brooks - Assistant Headteacher KS2
    Mr Brooks wears many Blue Coat hats: Assistant Headteacher, Maths Leader, Forest School Leader... perhaps the burden of 29 years teaching(?) 18 of those have been notched up at Blue Coat. He has vast experience teaching throughout all Key Stage 2 year groups and a range of Maths sets too (an Engineering background comes in handy!)
    When he removes all of his school hats, he happily replaces them with outdoors ones when taking to the lakes, mountains or cliff faces in his spare time.
  • Mrs Robinson - School Business Manager

 Teaching Team

  • Class Discovery (Reception/EYFS)

Miss Fisher - Class Teacher

Mrs Goodship - Class Teacher


Class Livingstone (Year 1)

  • Mrs Moir - Class Teacher
    As an experienced teacher of Year 1 and Reception (over 15 years), Mrs Moir also contributes significantly to the school's Arts offer through Choir, Orchestra and all things musical at Blue Coat.
    Few people know that Mrs Moir has a distinct phobia of beaks, feathers and all things bird-like. Even fewer people know that she was an original BMX bandit as a child, capable of more than the odd stunt or trick...

  • Mrs Wallace - Class Teacher
    Originally trained in Hackney, Mrs Wallace has taught all year groups in her career across a range of destinations, including Dubai. She has also led in areas of Play and Art before arriving at Blue Coat several years ago.
    Mrs Wallace is the pea-hating twin from her family, but that has not prevented her from learning all the actions to 'Agadoo' (winning a competition in the process), nor does it detract from her love of Country music.


Class Kingsley (Year 1&2)

Mrs Nelson (see Senior Leaders)

Miss Price  - Class Teacher


Class Hannu (Year 2)

Mrs Dougal (Maternity Leave) - Class Teacher

  • Mr Jones - Class Teacher
    Another teacher with experience from across the entire primary age range, Mr Jones is delighted to now be teaching Year 2. As a former school leader, he has an unwaivering passion for learning and empowering the children he teaches to 'do for self'.
    Mr Jones still keeps in touch with his degree subject of Philosophy, but can get distracted by his collection of guitars whilst trying to imitate the rather obscure music he finds himself listening to in the car!


Class Drake (Year 3)

Miss Dobie - Class Teacher


Class Darwin (Year 3&4)

  • Mrs Matej - Class Teacher
    Assistant SENDCo, Humanities Team Middle Leader... are further roles that Mrs Matej fulfills at Blue Coat. She has 9 years of teaching experience across Key Stage 2 classes in several schools.
    Mrs Matej's claim to fame is that she has connections to the founder of the Summerhill School.

  • Mr Brooks (see Senior Leaders)


Class Cousteau (Year 4)

  • Miss Cole - Class Teacher
    As a relatively recent member of the team, Miss Cole has adapted quickly to teach Year 4 and Higher Maths. She also has previous experience in Reception, Year 1 and Year 5. 
    Miss Cole has ignored all wise counsel and now works with both children and animals. In her spare time, she is retraining a former-race horse for Event. However, she draws the line at sharks... and don't even mention the dark.


Class Vasco (Year 5)

  • Mrs Arnold - Class Teacher
    As one half of Class Vasco, Mrs Arnold also leads from within our Play & PE team in school. She has teaching experience across Year 2 to Year 6, and has been at Blue Coat for a large part of her career to date.
    When not teaching Year 5, Mrs Arnold is putting in the miles through her love of running. Her triathlon days may now be a memory of yesteryear... so she has decided to take it easy and sign up for the 2020 3 Peaks Challenge instead - yikes!

Mrs Holloway - Class Teacher


Class Tabei (Year 5&6)

  • Mrs Hunt - Class Teacher
    Mrs Hunt could've easily been 'PC Hunt'...but the Police's lost is Blue Coat's gain. With 11 years' experience across both Key Stages in the school, she is also a middle leader from within our Humanities Team. Mrs Hunt enjoys the challenge of preparing Milepost 3 children for their next stage of education. 
    Outside of school, she has discovered the joys of paddle boarding. However, don't challenge her at the sport as she can be rather competitive, apparently!


Class Cook (Year 6)

Mrs Galvin - Class Teacher

Mr Knill (see Senior Leaders)


 Support Team

  • Mrs Murray - School Play Co-ordinator
    Mrs Murray works for the school and as an OPAL mentor, training other like-minded schools in the joys of great play. She previously worked for 14 years in the Learning Team of a popular Science Museum, reaching a Director level.
    Perhaps it's her education background in Zoology and Ecology that accounts for Mrs Murray's love of weird pets? 'Fluffy' the scorpion, 'Blossom' the Flower Mantis... none of these sound as impressive as 'Inspiring Educator 2016' - a title Mrs Murray has worked hard to earn.

  • Mrs Blaken - PPA Cover Teacher
  • Mrs Baskerville - PPA Cover Teacher


Head's Tweet

from Mr Ryan

Well done, children, for your Harvest Celebration at St Mary's today.

Friday at 12:49pm