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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Welcome to our class Blog! We are very excited about our new website and hope you will enjoy keeping in touch and hearing all about our class news. We will be sharing your children's achievements and telling you all about the activities we are enjoying. We hope you will like having the opportunity to find out more about your children's learning. The children have made a great start and we are all getting to know each other and learning to remember new routines! We have lots of fun planned and look forward to telling you all about it soon.

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Comment 1 Comment by Janet on 27 Sep 11 at 7:09pm | Quote this comment
The photos & blog provide some great insight into how you're tiring my daughter out, thank you! Please could you provide some detail on the sunshine and raindrops that I'm hearing snippets about?
Comment 2 Comment by Victoria toal on 29 Sep 11 at 3:53pm | Quote this comment
:D What a lovely first class photo with lots of smiles. It's great to see what the children are getting up to. I know George is loving being at school and seeing him playing with the pirate ship (his favourite toy at home) is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more!
Victoria (mum of George)
Comment 3 Comment by Thomas S on 04 Oct 11 at 5:17pm | Quote this comment
It looks like your having a great time on the adventure playground :-)

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