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Tuesday at 9:25am

Class Italy had a great time learning to skate this morning. We were first on, so the ice was wonderfully smooth. Some of us spent quite a lot of time down rather than up, but a good time was had by all.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Comment 1 Comment by Olivia B on 20 Mar 12 at 8:49pm | Quote this comment
They are awesome! There's Emily my sisters buddy she is better on ice then me and I am 4 or 5 years older.
Comment 2 Comment by Sandie Nickols on 21 Mar 12 at 12:00pm | Quote this comment
My son loved being on the ice - it was his first time ever ice-skating and he told me he didn't fall down once! What a lovely thing to do for the kids! Thank you. :-)
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Ryan on 22 Mar 12 at 7:21am | Quote this comment
Quoting Kiyan :
It was good when I skated on my own. Thank you. :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Jensen M on 24 Apr 12 at 5:27pm | Quote this comment
It looks like everybody is having fun on the ice rink :lol:

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