Minibeast Hunting!

Thank you for the brilliant turnout on Friday afternoon. It was lovely to see so many of you!

This week in English we are starting to look at non-chronological reports. We will be finding out the key features of this text type, as well as reading and finding information from examples. Also, we will be starting to collect information ready for when we plan and write our own reports. We will be spending lots of time investigating outside, as we are eventually going to plan and write reports about minibeasts in the conservation area!

In maths we will be developing our data handling skills. We will be gathering data linked to our minibeast investigations, and presenting our findings in various charts and graphs including Venn Diagrams, Bar Charts, Carroll Diagrams and Tally Charts. We will then be using the charts we have created to interpret the data; asking and answering questions related to our findings.

In IPC we will be researching different holiday destinations to find out about how land and buildings are used by people for holiday activities.

Again, I must apologise for not getting round to spellings last week. Mrs Dove and I will be be checking all spellings this Friday.

Finally, weather permitting, I would like to be able to take the children outside for our P.E lessons. They just need a a pair of daps to keep in their PE bags so that we can use the playground. Please send them in if you haven't already done so. 

Many thanks,

Miss Fisher

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