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08/10/2018 at 11:55am

Hogwarts school

My favourite subject at Hogwarts school is flying lessons because you get great views of the ancient castle. 

Class Vasco, what is your favourite subject?


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Comment 1 Comment by Lauren C on 13 Oct 14 at 1:02pm | Quote this comment
my favourite is flying! whoooooooooosh i gotta go
Comment 2 Comment by Florence T on 13 Oct 14 at 1:09pm | Quote this comment
I think my favorite lesson in Hogwarts is wand control!!!
Comment 3 Comment by Kira N on 13 Oct 14 at 1:28pm | Quote this comment
My faveroute magical lesson is turning animals into glass goblets because its funny drinking out of you own pet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) ;-)
Comment 4 Comment by Florence T on 13 Oct 14 at 4:34pm | Quote this comment
My favourite subject is wand spells! :lol:
harry potter #1
Comment 5 Comment by Florence T on 14 Oct 14 at 6:55am | Quote this comment
My favourite lesson is wand practice! Bling!
Comment 6 Comment by Sam B on 15 Oct 14 at 6:19pm | Quote this comment
#favouritesubject My Fav. subject is flying because it is awesome to fly in the air! :)

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