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12/12/2017 at 3:42pm

Class vasco this week have been writting settings for a mythical place


the dark and gloomy sky like a big thick blanket angry shouts from enimies. Dagers and swords are tightly held by soldiers, blood-curdling screams echo fom the colose castle where the king and queen of blackberry live.


ancxious families run to saftey corpses lie there dead in cold blood enimies and soldiers prepar to battle for who gets the kingdom crackles of burning fire come from the burning houses that the poor people live in scared children hugging thier mothers or farthers asking if everything is going to be ok... 


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Comment 1 Comment by Julia M on 13 Mar 14 at 12:29pm | Quote this comment
;-) I love your descriptive writing, it makes me feel like I am actualy in that place your describing!

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