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13/10/2017 at 8:26am

How many Carribean contries are there???

Not islands.

As always use your comment box to vote.

There is no exact correct answer so just guess how many you think there are!

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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan L on 10 Oct 12 at 6:25am | Quote this comment
Just have a go. Its realy fun! :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by lauren on 10 Oct 12 at 5:50pm | Quote this comment
Comment 3 Comment by Ellis B on 11 Oct 12 at 3:59pm | Quote this comment
I think there are 39 countries in the Caribbean.
Comment 4 Comment by Julia M on 12 Oct 12 at 5:02pm | Quote this comment
Is there 30 diffrant states? 8)
Comment 5 Comment by Julia M on 12 Oct 12 at 5:03pm | Quote this comment
8) Is there 30 states?
Comment 6 Comment by Jamie B on 13 Oct 12 at 8:07am | Quote this comment
I know there is 30 countries in the caribbean. 8)
Comment 7 Comment by Mrs Loxley on 14 Oct 12 at 3:43pm | Quote this comment
Dear commenters,

What an interesting question that Brendan has posed. Many of you believe the answer to be in the region of 30, I wonder if you can write a list of those countries and explain to me why you believe your answer is correct?

I am also interested to know if any of you know why there is so much uncertainty about how many countries there are in the Caribbean?

Miss Loxley

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