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...teachers will be undertaking more INSET on Monday 30th October so the first day of Term 2 for pupils will be Tuesday 31st Oct

Friday at 8:26am

We retold the story of 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' today in English.  We worked in small groups and made changes to the original story.  We then acted out the story in small groups infront of the class.

Monkey see Monkey do on PhotoPeach

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Comment 1 Comment by Thomas S on 04 Oct 11 at 4:55pm | Quote this comment
I remember reading that story when I was little and your acting is great! I hope you all enjoyed it.
Comment 2 Comment by Dylan B on 09 Oct 11 at 5:35pm | Quote this comment
You all look amazing
Comment 3 Comment by Hayden B on 11 Oct 11 at 1:08pm | Quote this comment
You all look like real monkeys!
Comment 4 Comment by Oliver W on 11 Oct 11 at 1:23pm | Quote this comment
Me and Hayden really like the pictures and your all amazing actors! :D
Comment 5 Comment by Mr Clements on 14 Oct 11 at 12:48pm | Quote this comment
It looks like there was some excellent storytelling going on in Class South Africa. Well Done. :-)

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