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...St Mary's Church fete on Saturday 14th July

02/07/2018 at 2:22pm

Milepost 3 started their new IPC unit (Weather and Climate) yesterday with a visitor from the Antarctic! Dressed in his Sunday best the visitor hand delivered a letter to the children requesting urgent help.

Prolonged temperatures of -89 degrees Celsius, snow blizzards and winds of unto 320 km/h have caused the formations of snow drifts, giant icebergs and frozen seas. Consequently a group of research scientists have been stranded and in need of urgent support. With very little food, fuel and medical supplies remaining it's up to Years 5 and 6 to put together an Antarctic rescue mission to save the scientists.

The children have until Friday to put together their proposals - good luck everyone.

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Comment 1 Comment by Dylan B on 22 Feb 12 at 12:51pm | Quote this comment
cant wate to see all of the work everyones done 8) 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Jack T on 05 Mar 12 at 12:38pm | Quote this comment
this topic was great mr Brooks looked ready to go! in his cool cloths.

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