Don't Forget... term ends on Friday 15th December at 2.30pm

Tuesday at 3:42pm

Everyone! Merry Christmas Class New Zealand. The truffles look scrumptious and the boxes look spectacular!

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Comment 1 Comment by Chloe B on 13 Dec 11 at 5:29pm | Quote this comment
That was really fun! I`m definatley gonna make some at home :roll: !
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 13 Dec 11 at 7:54pm | Quote this comment
They do look spectacular. You've all given the teachers some ideas for next year... maybe some enterprising behaviour to raise funds for the school? ;-)
Comment 3 Comment by Max W on 14 Dec 11 at 5:18pm | Quote this comment
Those truffles were delicious and really fun to make.
Comment 4 Comment by Abbie D on 15 Dec 11 at 4:17pm | Quote this comment
They were lush and fun to make as well. :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Lucy B on 24 Dec 11 at 11:44am | Quote this comment
mmmm! they were sooooo delightful! even my mum and dad liked them. :P
Comment 6 Comment by Elizabeth F on 06 Jan 12 at 7:00pm | Quote this comment
mmmm! The truffles were dlishos. my mum eat most of them she sed thay were very sholud triy and mack thum .Thay are very simpol to mack and filly fun. WELL DONE EVREY ONE!! :lol:
Comment 7 Comment by Saskia N on 12 Jan 12 at 8:42pm | Quote this comment
All truffles were delicious. :lol: :D

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Well done, Key Stage 2 - a brilliant celebration of Christmas!

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