Don't Forget... term ends on Friday 15th December at 2.30pm

12/12/2017 at 3:42pm

Thank you to all the parents and children who came this morning to plant new trees on the school field. You will be able to look back and thnk I planted that, as one family did this morning with the tree they planted 6 years ago.

I hope you all enjoyed Forest School and, for those not lucky enough to have been before, you will have a bit more idea when your child comes home talking about it. 

The cakes and flapjack were a special treat, thank you Mrs Buckley for them.


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Comment 1 Comment by Helen f on 25 Jan 15 at 8:29pm | Quote this comment
We had such a good time. My boy is already eyeing "his" tree for a tree house! Thank you Mr Brooks and Mrs Murray.

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