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11/11/2019 at 2:07pm

Class New Zealand are adding our most effective pieces of description from our film scripts as we are writing them - live!

The camera slowly edges out revealing Harry's stunned and amazed face, as he stops one foot away from the train.

Hesitantly, Harry opened a small beady eye to reveal a sparkly glistning pupil (EXT zoom out to reveal a young cheery face)

Hastily, he clambered down the bridge, immediatly swallowed up in the mist of the crowd.

His eyes crinkle up like a towel thats been used 100 times.

Camera pans around to see many excited people pushing vast trunks with owls on top.

He closes them again and picks up the pace, his hands squeeze the trolley's handles as he prepares for the crash.

umbrellas of smoke cover chattering people

To the left of the scene is the shimering sign that reads 'Hogwarts' Express'

Camera instantly turns 90 degrees to the right to display the outstanding hogwarts express.

CAMERA goes close up on groups of people chatting and laughing under a bklanket of velvet, gnarly smoke.

Looking for an empty carrige Harry see's a large boy hanging out the glass window.

He pushes his old, wooden suit case to an empty seat of the slender train.


Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 28 Jun 13 at 9:31am | Quote this comment
Wow! Some really effective writing room coming out of the Class NZ 'steam room'! Some of my personal favourites quoted below due to their turn of phrase, word choice and imagery they provoke in my head:

Hastily, he clambered down the bridge, immediatly swallowed up in the mist of the crowd.
umbrellas of smoke cover chattering people
His eyes crinkle up like a towel thats been used 100 times.
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Clements on 28 Jun 13 at 9:54am | Quote this comment
Great work Class New Zealand. Very impressed that you're doing it 'live' - very brave. I was especially impressed by some of the evocative language like 'umbrellas of smoke'. I also liked some of those adverbial starters such as 'Hesitantly'. Keep it up. I look forward to reading some more.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Clements on 28 Jun 13 at 9:59am | Quote this comment
Here are some comments from Year 3/4:

Really good language - Dylan.

Brilliant adjectives like 'slender' - Isaac.

I like the way it tells you about how the camera moves - Julia

I like the part where it says 'the camera slowly edges out...' because I think it is quite effective. - Fin

I like the description about his eyes being like a towel because it really describes how his eyes look - Luis

The phrases like 'gnarly smike' and 'umbrellas of smoke really pull you in. - Lily & Kate
Comment 4 Comment by Miss Fisher on 28 Jun 13 at 10:48am | Quote this comment
Wow! Mrs Galvin, Mrs Goodship and I are so impressed with your amazing descriptions. We love the camera directions - Mrs Galvin will be stealing these great ideas next week!
Comment 5 Comment by Lena on 04 Jul 13 at 3:15pm | Quote this comment
Good story Hayden and Leo! 8)

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