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02/07/2018 at 2:22pm

I thoughtlessly wandered back and fourth, my aching mind searching desperately for a solution. Nothing. "It might be at school" suggested my brain. Brilliant! So, quick as lightning, I slipped on my tatty shoes and dashed to school. My feet slammed down on the dusty floor in perfect unison with my heart. Buildings whisked past as I dodged pedestrians, leapt off walls and slid under the school gates. I scampered up the drive and barged into the still building. The almost inaudible buzz of the lights frightened me as I worriedly rushed to the "lost property" bin.

I ransacked through the unwanted clothes pulling out what I was looking for. I ripped open the pocket to find it empty. My heart sank. I slowly walked home, down hearted.

As I stumbled along the narrow streets, I worried about getting told off by Mum and Dad. What should I say? Should I lie? Should I tell the truth? Without deciding I tiptoed into the cosy house and stomped up the wooden stairs. However, as soon as I reached the final step, the phone rang. I marched back down the stairs and uncertainly answered the phone with a nervous "Hello?"

"Hi there," said an unknown voice I'm just ringing to say I've found your phone in the park. I called "HOME" on your contacts. Have you recently lost a phone?" My eyes sparkled in excitement. "Yes. Yes I have. Would you mind waiting in the park for me?""Certainly." replied the voice. I sped to the park.

"Thanks!" I said to the teenage boy as I left the park examining my phone. It was good as new. I raced back home.

When I reached home, I sat down next to Mum and said: "You"ll never, ever believe what I have just been through" 


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Jones on 28 Apr 13 at 9:53am | Quote this comment
Oliver, I love the way that you have used powerful description to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. Excellent writing.

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