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...teachers will be undertaking more INSET on Monday 30th October so the first day of Term 2 for pupils will be Tuesday 31st Oct

Friday at 8:26am

As part of our look at historical fiction, we have been writing an innovated version of the classic story Oliver Twist.  The class have planned their own version as a story map and are part way through writing it up.  

For homework, I have asked the class to write the next paragraph in their story.  Don't forget our layered targets from this week:

Bronze - Include description and action in our story.

Silver - Include description, dialogue and action in our story (don't forget to start a new paragraph every time a new person starts speaking - look up the Speech Marks Poster section in this link if you need reminding

Gold - Include the passive voice within our historical fiction (eg "The ball was kicked by the child" - ensure the subject noun, the child, comes after the verb, kicked)

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Comment 1 Comment by Jakob HR on 02 Dec 12 at 5:00pm | Quote this comment
Suddenly the car stopped to a halt and parked right outside a gigantic,spooky,abandoned-looking building which said in black,bold letters "WORKHOUSE".Strait after Oliver had a 2 second look at the building the driver suddenly said,

"Come on,I don't have all day".
"Were are we going",replied Oliver.
"Just in this dark building young man". :o

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