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...teachers will be undertaking more INSET on Monday 30th October so the first day of Term 2 for pupils will be Tuesday 31st Oct

Friday at 8:26am

In numeracy we have been looking at multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.  Oliver M created an excellent explanation of how to perform this mathematical skill - it was so good that we decided to type it up and post it on our blog to help others understand how to do it. 

Just click the link below and all will be revealed...

Oliver's Multiplication of Decimals Method

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 10 Sep 12 at 2:26pm | Quote this comment
Great work Oliver M! I couldn't have communicated it better myself! 8)

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Excellent attendance at last night's maths meeting. Thank you, parents. Please keep an eye on the News for supporting documents.

11 Oct 17 at 1:28pm