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02/07/2018 at 2:22pm

In the wood land, Erik was in his house and decided to go for a walk. He told his mum and dad he was going to be a little late home for dinner. As he was walking in the forest he found a cottage that was going up in flames. He cautiously tiptoed closer to investigate. Whoosh! Erik got caught in the claws of a huge purple and red dragon!

Find out what happens next week...

By Matthew and Rufus

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 20 Jan 12 at 3:33pm | Quote this comment
An interesting start to a story - some descriptive language would really help me to picture the setting. Can anyone suggest an adjective or adverb that we could edit in?
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Ryan on 20 Jan 12 at 4:51pm | Quote this comment
"ivory, flesh-shredding" to go with 'claws'?

A promising start, boys. A little more description to accompany the action will transform it from good to great.

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