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16/04/2018 at 4:20pm

This afternoon eight boys set out for KLB, dressed in matching pink kits and tracksuits, raring to compete in the 10 team football festival. We played 5 matches; won three, drew one, lost one. The boys all played brilliantly - I was proud to see such competitive performances and positive attitudes from all! Here are a few photos of the afternoon:


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Comment 1 Comment by Harvie I on 10 Nov 11 at 8:04pm | Quote this comment
I've got my eyes closed!
Comment 2 Comment by Chloe B on 12 Nov 11 at 2:20pm | Quote this comment
Well done boys!!
Comment 3 Comment by Dylan B on 15 Nov 11 at 5:37pm | Quote this comment
That was very fun

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Thank you to all those who were involved in Saturday's Flowers and Play event. See photos in the News section...

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