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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Final photos from the end of the week.

It has been a great week.  Children have been fantastically behaved and although some have been scared and worried about certain activities, they have overcome their fears and had a go, often surprising themselves and then going back for more.

A special thank you to Mrs Gillespie, Mrs Jones and Mrs Driver, they have also been brilliant all week, leading their groups and mucking in with all activities, evening duties putting children to bed and getting them up.

This year's "Top Bananas" were Dylan K and Gwen, although it would have been so easy to award to so many other children, as loads of them have achieved, encouraged others and been generally a delight to take away.

Just to confirm, the children are allowed to wear their Morfa Bay T-shirts to school on Monday before school and at break and lunch times, over the top of their normal uniform (i.e. shirt and tie on underneath it.)

See you all Monday, rested and recovered.

Mr Brooks and Mrs Galvin


Morfa Bay 2014 - Friday on PhotoPeach


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