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... the school's Open Morning for prospective pupils begins at 9.30am on Thursday 21st November.

Monday at 2:07pm

Today it is a quintruple whammy. So if recall corectlly, youve already got 7 facts this week!

1)Rhubarb is actually a fruit!

2)The apple is 25% air it's true! That why they float instead of sink.

3)The Bannana is actually a berry and is the largest herb!!

4)A tomato is actually a vegtable!

And finally!!!:

5)Blueberries are a wonder fruit. They contain more antioxidants than nearly any other fruit or vegetable, and they're delicious! But did you know that once they're picked, they won't ripen?

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from Mr Ryan

Wow! Since our Fundraising Blue Print went out we've had generous money donations, First Aid Kits, Forest School stuff. Many thanks, parents

1 hour ago