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... the school's Open Morning for prospective pupils begins at 9.30am on Thursday 21st November.

Monday at 2:07pm

As promised on Thursday here is the blog post with extra information regarding your homework for the next 3 weeks. Your learning will take place in the form a research project (use the internet and books) of our solar system. You could choose one of the planets, the astroids, comets, the sun, or some other aspect of our solar system. 

We have already looked at many aspects of various planets, such as size, number of moons, distance from the sun etc. 

We were looking at a museum display to present findings, this could include writing, posters and leaflets, models and interactive displays. Some people have already said they might find a way of using media to present their findings, which is perfectly acceptable although not compulory. 

It will hopefully be an enjoyable activity with your chance to be creative in how you communicate your research findings. 

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