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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

What seemed like days later, Tom finally woke. He found himself in a filthy, obviously unused, square cell.Tom measured it about 1x1 metre squared. The imprisioned child searched around although this now habited box was almost smothred in darkness, Tom maneged to make out a shape... It was...a body!? a head!? eyes, nose, legs and feet!!?? He was not alone...

Before The boy could even speak, a huge fist came hammering down towards him. With sudden haste he swiftly side-stepped away from his attacker, and took his chance to at least fight this giant, by roundhouse kicking (he knew karate) his fellow prisoner directly on the spine. He was rewarded with a sudden scream of blood-curdling pain. He didn't know his own strengh! milliseconds before Tom kicked for a second time, his target swung yet another heavey fist towards Tom. This time he was succsessful, smashing the weapon (his fist) straight into the offspring's chest, throwing him (with immence force) into the opposite brick wall. In his extreme pain Tom wondered "will I survive?" Good thought, will he survive?!...


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