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11/11/2019 at 2:07pm

Posted by Will and Ben

There are three different types of Cinquain poems; the first word pattern goes like this:



Hanging like,

A thousand Knives,

Waiting to fall waiting,


So it goes

Line 1: One word

Line 2: Two words

Line 3: Three words

Line 4: Four words

Line 5: One word

The second goes like this:    


Fluffy white

Throwing landing smashing

Fun to throw


Line 1: A noun                                             

Line 2: Two adjectives

Line 3: Three -ing words

Line 4: A phrase

Line 5: Another word for the noun

And the third goes like this:                   


Hard dangerous

Lots of fun to sledge on

But not very fun to fall off!

Great fun!

Line1: Two syllables

Line2: Four syllables

Line 3: Six syllables

Line 4: Eight syllables

Line 5: Two syllables


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