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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Hello, I hope you have enjoyed your extra day off! As I said on Thursday I am setting some homework this week. As normal you will be set Matheletics, spellings and reading.

For literacy I would like you to find an example of a Haiku poem online. Please copy this down or print this off and bring it to school for Tuesday.

Also I would like you to consider and write down two pieces of Music. One should be a piece that makes you feel 'happy', or it should be a piece of music that you put on when you are happy. The other piece of music should be the opposite. If you don't have a piece that makes you feel happy, find a piece of music, perhaps a favourite piece and consider how it makes you feel. This is for IPC with Mrs. Holloway on Tuesday. If you would like to bring in the CD feel free to do so. We can't promise to play them all though!

Looking forward to seeing you back at school sometime next week. Also, don't forget to keep learning those lines for Worship!

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