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31/01/2020 at 11:28am

Henry here.  I want to talk to you about pets, which is one of my favorite subjects at the moment.  My sister’s pet, (a really fat hamster) is called Pippin. My pet is a very fluffy unicorn, a pink one too! No No and No! Those mythical fluffy things are only horses spay painted pink by farmers who have been drinking. Now my pet is a really cute hamster (not fat) but really  
adorable......and his name is Theodore!!! (but we call him James Bond due to his massive effort to reach his sand bath!) Ok, 425 words left...He gets active at night and tears round his spinning saucer like a lunatic, then launches himself off at just the right moment to land on his balcony.  I think he’s very intelligent.We used to have a piglet the size of a dog, no sorry, the other way round ( a dog the size of a piglet) . . no wait? Was it a pig the size of a... no no, where were we?Anyway,  my sister (Jess) is a fantastic girl, (not to mention how she never washes) but a fantastic girl. 137 words done, and some more to go. And no, I can not do the maths. “MUM!!!! I need some help!!!!!!”  Oh I guess you need to know my name. Well, did I tell you I am Henry. any of you have any pets?  So I was saying before I was rudely interrupted  by my unicorn... oh sorry, I get mixed up by my hamster and my uni... no, I must not say that dreaded word, my hamster would hate me for ever and EVER!!!!
                                                                   *Ok,  I am now at the pet shop. Oh, oh dear. they have sold out of uni... no no. I must not say that in front of my hamster !!! Ok 200 words to go! I have enough money to buy a chimpanzee like my old friend Kieran. Or a spider like my old friend Rhys. But you can always just find one in your house. Or maybe I could go to the supermarket and buy a little brother like my old friend Jaiden. But what bothers me the most is...
I must be off. Got to go to the supermarket to find a little brother to buy.  Bargain!  They are only 20p. Ok I have bought him. I named him Kyan. Best Name Ever. Don’t you think?Ooh, in my last hundred now. Ok, my bro is certainly being annoying. He just keeps going blah blah blah. I think I might take him back. But You Only Have One Shot. Make the most of it.There that is nearly enough. Just passed 450 you know. After I have written this I think my teachers are actually gonna like me. For the first time in forever, I can finally understand!
Thanks for helping me!  Anyway, I must be off. Ooh, 490 nearly there. Blah. Bye guys! Thanks Again!!!

Radio 2 have launched their 500 word story challenge for children.

I'd really like you to have a go at creating your own 500 word work of fiction which will amaze and astound in equal measure.

If you need inspiration, have a look at the BBC Radio 2 website - listen to some of the finalists from last year!

Good luck!

Mr Knill