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She was running for her life but then she fell. Two menacing eyes shot needles at her.

The next day she woke up on space. On a green dusty planet. 100 trillion light years away from earth."oh know" she said.

                                 The silver swirl

The midnight silver mist of the evening began to fade and the glowing moon was revealed from beyond the clouds.  Melody sat amongst the river of covers. Something eari was in they air. But she did not know what. Staring around her room she clutched on to Barley, her dog, Melody could see nothing. But soon after she saw something by her...

A purple spark dancing in the night. It wasn’t a spark as melody looked closer she saw it was a swirl. Clutching on the the cloud white dog they were taken away...

When she awoke she was surrounded by darkness. A voice whispered softly, "melody melody" with no place to hide she could her hear heart going THUMP THUMP THUMP. Why was she hear and would she stay here for long...

                        catterpillers change


Beautiful catterpillers munching away,

Growing and doubling each day,

Waiting to turn into a butterfly,


Suddenly we heard a crack,

The catterpillers were gone,

I shouted ''there crisalis'',

Tick,tock ,tick, tock,

Wating for the time to come,

Come on change,

Wow, it will come,


Suddenly butterflies flew,

Around and around,

A huge wave of people were amazed,

The day has come to set them free,

Wait and wait,

Goodbye butterflys.



by millie toal



Sweetly fluttering away.

Butterflies lay the black-spiraled eggs in the hairy bush.

Rustle, rustle, rustle.

Someones looking in the bush.


They say as they savour the heart-warming discovery.

Everyone had a wave of exhilirating excitement.

Not long later a smelly scent filled of fruity fragrance brought Class Vasco to life.

The bumpy caterpillars grew bigger and bigger until the midnight-black creatures started spinning silk and shedding skin.

Entering inside the chrysalis - what a thrill it must be!

A new life awaiting for them.

Tick, tock, tick, tock went the clock as they started forming.

Laughter of the children cheers as they see the new beautiful creatures.

The butterflies now, awiting to restart again.

Cute and cuddly as they come.

As time comes they get bigger, munch!

Time has passed,they are getting huge crunch they still love there food.

Eat,eat,eat the tiny cute caterpillars are now really fat.

Run,run,run they are running to the top of the tube.

Peep,peep,peep the eager childern are staring at them.

If they can chrysalis the children will scream yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Left alone they are for the half term wiggle wiggle!

Later the children will come.

Aaaaah screams a child,whats that they have formed into a chrysalis.

Rip,rip,rip the butterfly emerges,a new life begins.

By Jamie Berry

Some bits typed by Chloe Ealey



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