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...teachers will be undertaking more INSET on Monday 30th October so the first day of Term 2 for pupils will be Tuesday 31st Oct

Friday at 8:26am

We have been very busy in Class Hannu over the last few weeks.

Our maths learning has involved a big focus on multiplication and division. We have been learning different methods to solve these problems (including using counters, arrays, x tables and number-lines) and have been tackling these calculations within the context of number stories. This week we will begin to look at finding fractions of numbers.

In English we have been looking at recounts. We have been reading 'A diary of a wombat' and 'A diary of a baby wombat'. We have been focussing on using time words and phrases to start our sentences, whilst also joining ideas using more complex connectives e.g. if, when, because, who. This week we begin our fantasy stories genre (with a focus on dragon stories!)

In IPC we have been learning about a person from the past - Vincent Van  Gogh. We started to source some information by reading the story 'Camille and the Sunflowers'. The children then produced some wonderful landscape pictures, in a style similar to some of his later paintings.


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from Mr Ryan

Excellent attendance at last night's maths meeting. Thank you, parents. Please keep an eye on the News for supporting documents.

11 Oct 17 at 1:28pm