Don't Forget... term ends on Friday 15th December at 2.30pm

12/12/2017 at 3:42pm

'Wombat stew, wombat stew crunchy, munchy for my lunch, wombat stew' This week Mr Brooks shared a story about a Dingo who caught and planned to cook a Wombat in a stew and how the other Australian animals tricked the Dingo into actually making a disgusting mud stew. Class Snapdragon enjoyed the story and were inspired to make their own wombat stews following, of course, our Forest School rules. The children also enjoyed continuing to make seesaws and build houses.

 Forest School Spring 2 2015 on PhotoPeach  

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A belated Happy New Year, everyone! We've hit the ground running and lots going on in 2018 already.

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